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God's Valley International School, Panchgani

Salient Features

Special Features

Family Project

As our school is ‘Home Away From Home’ for children, a Family Project comprising complete units of families with a parent teacher is provided for each and every student. Each family consists of children of different age groups and classes. The parent teachers take care of the needs and ensure all round development of the child like actual parents. Besides regular interaction among the family members and parents, a get-together of the families is arranged on every 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturday of the month in which each family member shares his/her experiences, achievements, thoughts, plans, problems with other members and with their parent teachers freely as they share these with their real parents. This environment, on one hand, makes the children feel comfortable in the school as if at home and on the other hand, ensures that the thoughts, feelings, habits, energy and other potentials of children are channelized in the direction real education is aimed at, keeping them secured from the ill effects of the outside world in the form of TV, internet, mobiles and bad company etc.

Skill Development Project

‘Skill development’ is another project which the school can be proud of. Under this project each student is required to read one book of his/her choice each month and to give a critical summary of the book in their own words. This project is meant to develop reading / writing, critical thinking and analytical skills among the students besides training them on computer and English language.

Salient Features of the School

  • Here the concept of education is redefined by justifying all its sensible issues.
  • This is a school with strong institutional back up of Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune.
  • The school is situated in a serene atmosphere of Sahyadri, which is very conducive for education.
  • The school infrastructure sprawls over 72 acres of lush green landscape.
  • The building and the amenities are of State of Art status.
  • The school is affiliated to C.B.S.E., Delhi upto class XII and offers Science and Commerce streams in XI and XII. The school’s C.B.S.E. affiliation number is 1130150
  • The school cherishes sensible parenting caring the emotional quotient.
  • Nutritious food respecting the sentiments of vegetarians and non-vegetarians.
  • Club activities – Mathematics, Social-service, Dramatics, Nature club etc. to mould multi-faceted personalities.
  • Cultural events and training to groom music, yoga, art, dance skills in the students.
  • Moral and value education for arousing spiritual growth.
  • NCC for patriotic values and better civic sense.
  • Continuous assessment and reporting the parents regarding academic performance and rates of improvement.
  • Well-balanced schedules of study/games and recreations.
  • Language lab for good exposure in English language.
  • Well-equipped science laboratories including Physics, Chemistry, Biology Computer, Geography and Mathematics.
  • Horse-riding/Swimming/Judo/Boxing/Yoga/Gymnastics as a part of physical training.
  • Following games are conducted in the school – Football, Hockey, Cricket, Basket-ball, Volley-ball, Hand-ball, Base-ball, Table-tennis, Carrom, Chess, Wrestling, Boxing, Kho-kho and Kabaddi.
  • Co-curricular/Cultural activities and competitions:
    • Dramatics - English/Hindi
    • Debate - English/Hindi
    • Shloka recitation
    • Poem recitation - English/Hindi
    • Elocution contest
    • Dance - Solo, Group
    • Singing - Solo, Group
    • Music - Instrument and Vocal
    • Calligraphy and Arts
    • Rangoli, Cookery
    • Essay writing - English/Hindi
  • Educational tours to different locations of the country and outside for broader outlook.
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