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Every parent who is sending his son/daughter to a boarding school is a bit anxious. He or She has many questions. It is but natural. We understand that. We feel that parents themselves are best placed to answer those questions.

Here are some questions answered by - SOME PARENTS THEMSELVES

» Why should we send our child to Bharati Vidyapeeth God’s Valley International School?

Our child would have got mixed-up in the wrong environment and company at the local school, where the distractions are formidable. We did not feel our son's potential was adequately challenged in the local school. At Bharati Vidyapeeth God’s Valley International School, the healthy environment and the top-notch curriculum, solid and dedicated faculty, and small class size help ensure a premium education for our son.

Moreover, Bharati Vidyapeeth group has higher education facilities after he completes the school and he can pursue any discipline, which he deserves.

» How can you send your young son away to a boarding school?

Every child has his unique and varied needs, and no one knows those needs better than his own parents. We decided that the school could help our son realize his potential. Yes, you may miss your son, but he will soon thrive and be happy. Bharati Vidyapeeth God’s Valley International School has helped so much by reinforcing what we have done at home, which has given our son many opportunities to grow and mature.

» How do you handle the cost of a Boarding School education?

As comparable boarding schools go, the school is relatively inexpensive.

» How will I communicate with my daughter while she is at the school?

My daughter remains my daughter no matter where she is. I have a good dialog with her and so will you. Your daughter/son will be able to call home as frequently as necessary. Frequent phone calls keep us abreast of daily happenings. And then there is e-mail! There are also those long and informative journeys back and forth to school.

» What can I do if I sense my son is having a problem with one of his classes?

My son's teachers are only a phone call away. I have found the faculty to be very approachable. They serve both you and your son. You can also schedule an appointment with any of your son's teachers, as well as the Principal. If you sense that your son is having a social problem, the hostel rector is always available to hear your concerns.

» What happens if my son gets sick?

A full time qualified Doctor and Nurse look after the school infirmary. The Doctor is a resident Doctor and visits the school everyday and at any hour when needed.

» Who will be my child's friends? What is the social environment like?

The Bharati Vidyapeeth God’s Valley International School draws students from all the States from India and abroad. It is a microcosm of the global society your son will enter upon graduation. My child meets boys from diverse background. Because of the school's structure, the peer pressure at the school is all-positive, unlike local high schools. At Bharati Vidyapeeth God’s Valley International School, students respect one another. At the school your child will begin friendships that will last for a lifetime.

» How is Panchgani's environment like?

We have visited Panchgani many times in the past as tourist. That is the time we came to know about the boarding schools. We wanted our child to be away from the crowded, polluted environment in our city. We could not find anything healthier than Panchgani climate! Moreover we find Maharashtra a generally better place for education. Hence, Our decision was a foregone conclusion. Really Panchgani suits the title ‘Heaven of Maharashtra’.

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