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God's Valley International School, Panchgani
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Message from Hon'ble Founder

Message from Hon'ble Founder

Dr. Patangrao Kadam
M.A, LL.B, Ph.D
Hon’ble Founder, Bharati Vidyapeeth.
Chancellor, Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University

School education has been a subject very close to my heart. ‘Education for all’ has been my dream. Teachers, to me, have been the conduits to change the society and the nation for the better. The poor, the rich, the bright or the mediocre, all are equal to me. All my institutes have a sound & dynamic educational programmes to enlighten every stratum of society and every student of any level.

In our schools and colleges, our endeavor is to develop the students not only as expert professionals but also as responsible citizens. We provide our students all the facilities to realize their artistic, literary, and other potentials.

Bharati Vidyapeeth runs in all 170 educational units of various kinds including 85 schools. This school at Panchgani is distinct in many respects. We consider this school as the jewel in the crown of Bharati Vidyapeeth.

We have started these educational institutions with a view to provide excellent education to our students in a propitious environment. We want our students to become good professionals, business executives, scientists and the like. But more importantly, we would like them to be good and responsible citizens.

I am continuously monitoring the progress of this school. I want this school to be one of the best schools not only in our state but across the country. I do hope and I am sure the Principal and the faculty of the school will not spare any effort to bring my dream into reality.

My best wishes to the students and the faculty members for a bright future of this school.

Message from Hon'ble Secretary

Message from Hon'ble Secretary

Dr.Vishwajeet Patangrao Kadam
B.E., M.B.A.,M.L.E,Ph.D
Hon’ble Secretary, Bharati Vidyapeeth
Chairman, God’s Valley International School, Panchgani.

I am indeed very happy to reach the students and their parents. Bharati Vidyapeeth started God’s Valley International School, located in Panchgani in 1988. Bharati Vidyapeeth has more than 85 schools under its umbrella but, the school at Panchgani is our Flagship institute. Being the Secretary of Bharati Vidyapeeth, I view the development of this school, teachers and students as a mission of my life.

I am delighted that our efforts to build up this school have paid remarkable dividends. The school has established its reputation as one of the leading Public School in our country, which attracts students from various parts of India. What we have achieved so far is quite commendable. However, we are aware that we still have to go a long way and flourish. Our endeavor here has always been to inculcate those qualities and abilities in our students which are required by human being to live a successful as well as contented life. We aim at moulding our students not only to become an Academic scholar or successful person in different walks of life but also to be a good and responsible citizen. In this school our focus is not only on the academic achievement of the ward but also on his character building and development in all facets of life.

Our school is a residential school, a home away from home, where the parents leave their beloved child in our care. We try our level best to make their stay comfortable here so that they don’t miss the warmth of their family much when they are here. We, through this school are doing our best for building up our great nation.

Please join us in our endeavors

Message from Hon'ble Chairperson

Message from Hon'ble Chairperson

Mrs.Vijayamala Patangrao Kadam
Hon’ble Chairperson Bharati Vidyapeeth School Committee

I am indeed very much pleased to welcome you to this beautiful and tranquil campus of our public school situated amidst lush green surrounding of water ghat (Panchgani). Bharati Vidypeeth which has long tradition of excellence in education and based on our sound motto 'Social Transformation Through Dynamic Education'. Bharati Vidyapeeth's God's Valley International School is really "home, away from home" for children (student) who come from all walks of life from different parts of the country.

Students here are welcomed nurtured loved and taken care of. Uniqueness of our school is allowing students to get developed in all aspects of their life as our school has reliable foundation for child's future career aspirations. Schools progressive curriculum will help students to excel academically.

Students grow up walking into corridors of school and learn lesson of life. We have excellent infrastructure and campus. It is ideal place for engendering bright curious minds of child.

Our School provides good facilities for comfortable and conducive learning, better hostel facilities with secured environment and well developed Campus. Our building with State of art technology, hygienic and spacious place for extra curricular activities, well equipped playground and entertainment facilities will assure the parents to keep relaxed.

God's Valley international School is an exclusive residential school, exceptionally taking care of development of child and to shape as better human being.

Message from Hon'ble Chancellor

Message from Hon'ble Chancellor

Prof. Dr. Shivajirao Kadam
Hon’ble Chancellor,
Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University) Pune.

Our schools are our strength because the students are tomorrows ignited youth, the national builders, the might and the spirit of our nation.

Our mission at Bharati Vidyapeeth is to identify and train the leaders for the new millennium and thereby to cope up with the increasing demand of well-trained leaders in various walks of life. The children should, therefore, be equipped with courage, self-determination and deep sense of dedication. They must be in a position to make positive changes in the society with their knowledge and skills.

We must always remember that “we owe it to our ancestors to preserve those values which they have left behind” and I am sure our students will follow this message with the help of training, values, motivation and inspiration they have obtained from our teachers, school and organization.

Dear students, I welcome you all in an exciting educational journey with BVGVIS, Panchgani and Bharati Vidyapeeth.

Message from Hon'ble Principal

Dear Parents & Students,

Every child is unique and has the right to get education, with this Bharati Vidyapeeth’s God’s Valley International School, Panchgani facilitates students with holistic education. The school provides leadership quality, so students make the right decision in any situation. Our mission is to prepare students for learning important aspects of growth and maturity to build a strengthened nation.

At Bharati Vidyapeeth’s God’s Valley International School, Panchgani, we are striving to give shape to our vision with the help of a dedicated team of competent teachers who are trying their best to fulfil the aspirations of all those who have admitted their children with dreams in their eyes. The Staff are highly professionals who work diligently to provide a safe, serene, challenging environment to students. Our teachers are dedicated towards imparting knowledge and life ethics to students by using the most effective methods. Our role as Teacher should be to equip them with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to achieve their goals and deal effectively with their life situations.

Our aim is to create well-groomed, confident individuals who willingly contribute towards the happiness of the country and the world at large. We appreciate the trust and support of the parents in all our endeavors to strengthen the organization, we perceive parents as an important stakeholder in our bid to provide quality education and skill building amongst students. On behalf of Bharati Vidyapeeth’s God’s Valley International School, Panchgani, I assure you that your child is safe in our hands and moving ahead to face the society in this modern age.

- Mr. Yogesh Sharma, Principal,

Bharati Vidyapeeth’s God’s Valley International School, Panchgani .

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